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Michelina's Authentico Layered Lasagna with Meat Sauce
Friday, July 30, 2004

Michelina's LasagnaSince college, I have been in the habit of purchasing a couple of Michelina's every time that I go grocery shopping. The lasagna was a new one for me and it was Bona Mia! (translation: awesome) The meat sauce was Magnifico (translation: very tasty) with real onions. The four cheeses--ricotta, Romano, mozzarella, and Parmesan--were Superbeeo. (translation: chorck-u-latory)

The meal is highly portable. I had to eat it on the way to a friend's house and had no troubles. If you leave the half-peeled-back lid on, it makes for a nice transport-sauce-splash guard. Nothing fell out into the car. Again, I was in a great hurry to leave and only cooked the dish for the first four minutes that the instructions called for. It turned out perfect. I skipped the "stir sauce around lasagna step and reheat" and it turned out perfect. Many times the cheese in these microwave dishes burns the ***BEEP*** out of your mouth. My suggestion is to skip the additional heating steps and just put it in for four minutes on high (don't forget to lift the corner of package up as instructed).

Rating: 4 out of 5 Mario Brothers

Now to digress a little - Mich's were a staple in college. Back in the mid-nineties they were only $0.99 compared to today's $1.49. My favorite back then was the Shell's 'N Cheese with Jalapenos, which I haven't seen around these days. The Linguini with Clam Sauce I also loved, though it stunk the chunk out of the dorm room. A side note - today's packaging is more colorful and has a picture of an old Italian woman.

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