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Two Dews
Thursday, August 26, 2004

Mountain Dew has been going all wacked out with new flavors for the last couple of years. First it was Code Red. Then, just for the summer of 2003 they brought out Live Wire, which re-emerged again for another limited-time summer offer in 2004. The saga continues. Now there are two new Dews available. They are either sold as LTOs or exclusively sold at such and such a place, so you've got to be a sleuth to get your hands on them.

The double Dews are >>

Pitch Black, a Halloween-ish black berry drink. It's a lot like Fanta Grape, but with a mysterious berry taste that I just can't put my finger on. Maybe it is a combo of many berries. It's got a raspberry and blueberry thing in there at the same time. Really a nice tasting drink, especially if you like grape sodas. It's color is a dark purple. As far as I can tell from the website it is being promoted as a scary drink, so the color...I fitting. I do believe that this is the first drink with ghoulish ties.

Pitch Black the Web Site

Baja Blast, the tropical lime storm only available at Taco Bell. Well, their trickery worked. The marketing teams' product pairing got me into the store for a meal. My 1/2 lb. Beef and Potato Burrito was much better than this silly drink though. "Tropical Lime Storm" - what's wrong, I want to know, with just a regular old drink name like grape, lime, cherry, or orange. These days drinks are all about these wacked out images to describe their drinks -- metallic thunder, tsunami tungsten alloy, skeletal sheet metal, hurricane taste bud. What the F. Just tell me what the flavor is, not its meteorological-moniker. Baja Blast sucks. It's color is a disgusting minty green. It's less syrupy that a normal MD, so I felt I was getting gypped on the sugar. And there is very little kick to it. I missed the tropical blast of lime that I was promised.

Baja Blast the Web Site

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