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10 Things That Are Great &
10 Things We Hate

Great Hate
Left-over Beers Powerade Energy Drinks
Just when you thought you'd have to go out and buy another case, you are saved! Nasty. Sick-o. Barf out! Arfhg! Horg!
McGriddles, McGriddles, McGriddles Videotapes that don't don't play in the VCR and get all ripped up and
It's the breakfast platter in sandwich form. The taste of syrup baked right in. Those little tiny syrup pockets are Insanely Amazing.
Son of a B!
Kurt Friggin' Vonnegut Dust
Yeah, that really is his middle name. KFV. H Yeah! Almost like KFC. Speaking of... I hate this stuff. More though, I hate dusting. So now everything in my apartment has dust! Urgh!
KFC Getting Sick
Have you had a bucket of KFC lately? Super! This stuff is so good. I forgot about it. It's been since the 7th grade since I've had it. I recommend the original-style. This totally sucks so much. You feel miserable the whole time and have no evergy. What is the point?
Energy Drinks Getting Up for Work
The greatest stealing of a European fad since Charo. This is just the worst period, unless you job is working on a beach or as a ski instructor or something. I don't know.
Interesting Cheese Nasty Drinks
I love finding interesting cheeses in the deli and buying them for sandwiches and other projects. Some favorites are
pepper jack, horseradish cheddar, and smoked cheddar.
You know when you go to mix some cool drink that you think will taste good and it just comes out nasty -- that's so bad. What's worse is when you drink it just cause you don't want the ingredients to go to waste.
Radiohead Dropping the cooked pizza on da floor
Best Band Ever? Not the dancefloor, either. The dirty-A kitchen floor. Facedown.
One-week-old Babies People
Man, these guys are crazy! Funny as H faces! Check one out here. Somtimes they are just so f'ing annoying, or rude, or selfish, and what'so on and yada yada!
Signs The CD you want being sold out
Oh man, what a good movie! Aliens, sweet pacing, unique point of view. And, ALIENS!!! Oh great, and you have ONE freaking copy on order! Sweet, dickhead!
Energy Drinks being gone for so long!
Yes, it was mentioned earlier. But they are SO F'IN KICK-A that they MUST be mentioned twice! (first-ever repeat offender on the Great List!) SORRY, F-STICKS!!!

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